The Eight Essential Questions when Choosing a Potential Painter

Eight essential questions

1) Are your painters sub-contractors or employees? There is no right or wrong answer here, as both have advantages and disadvantages for the business owner and the consumer. The key is to understand these dynamics and optimize both models for seamless and amazing results. PaintPositive employs both models with great results. We are an aligned…

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Choosing the Right Colors For Your Paint Project

Choosing the right colors

As summer quickly approaches in Northeast Ohio, you might find yourself exploring newfound time to work on those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about all winter. There’s no time like the present to act on that New Year’s resolution you might have made back in January to finally repaint your home office or living…

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Common Exterior Paint Problems

Common exterior paint problems

The weather has warmed up in Northeast Ohio and summer is right around the corner, now is a good time to access the condition of the outside of your home.  A coat of paint on the exterior of your home can undeniably improve your home’s curb appeal and hence it’s aesthetic value.  However, it’s often…

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Proper Preparation for an Exterior Painting Project

Exterior painting project

Spring has sprung and now it’s time to spruce up the exterior of our buildings and homes with an exterior painting project. Whether the exterior painting project is for a commercial building or residential dwelling, nothing adds instant curb-appeal like a freshly painted building! However, before the paint cans are opened and the transformation begins,…

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